Wheatty Bag from The Wheatty Bag Co. Organic Cotton I Lavender from France

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  • HOT & COLD PAIN RELIEF THERAPY: This Hot Bag heats in the microwave to a calming, soothing temperature for beneficial heat therapy across affected areas of the body. For cold therapy, leave it in the freezer.
  • FULL COVERAGE with ERGONOMIC DESIGNING: Our Wheatty Bags are rectangular in shape, measuring 29 cm x 24 cm in size & 700gms in weight, thus providing full coverage with its unique, contouring style reaching even your hardest-to-reach neck, shoulder, and back pain. Our lightweight and full coverage heat bag are unmatched by any portable heating wraps.
  • AROMATHERAPY: Enjoy a wonderful & relaxing fragrance of lavender flower buds from France, while soothing pain away and your muscles feel absolutely relaxed.
  • THERAPEUTIC: Once your Wheatty Bag is safely heated in the microwave, instantly place it on the affected area for pain relief. Each bag holds in heat, maximizing your relief for fast and efficient recovery. Store your bag in your luggage for daily relief during travels near and far.
  • INSULATED & PROTECTIVE: Our Wheatty Bags are made with high-quality ensuring your safety at all times. It is protected by thick Cotton material providing insulation while protecting your skin.
  • REUSABLE & EASY-TO-CLEAN: From the filling to the cover, we designed every detail to stand up to heavy; repeated use to stand the test of time. To clean remove the outer cover which is washable.


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Non-Toxic Natural Wheat Grains
A Wheatty Bag is a cotton bag filled with non-chemically treated whole-grain A-grade wheat that can be used hot (heated in a microwave). Our Wheatty Bags are a natural alternative for treating and managing aches and pains. Our wheat is treated yet ensures you receive the best natural quality product possible. Wheatty Bags are safe for all age groups. The Wheatty Bag is Organic & has No Side Effects.
Organic Pain & Stress Relief
The Wheatty Bags are made of grains and can be conveniently used and heated several in the microwave in the comfort of your home. The cellular structure of wheat provides fantastic insulation properties. Wheat can absorb and distribute heat evenly and gradually ensure effective pain relief. Wheatty Bags can easily mould to the contour of the area that is being treated. It is less cumbersome and highly beneficial for pregnant women. It is majorly beneficial for their back, in case they feel heavy. Doctors and physiotherapists are widely recommending The Wheatty Bag, as it has no side effects. Shenaro Lifestyle’s Wheatty Bags help you address any injury that requires hot or cold therapy with no worries. Use it as a thermal pain reliever, neck tension device, shoulder relief, back pain relief or more.
Heat Therapy I Cool Therapy
Heat therapy best targets back pain, neck pain, muscle spasms, soreness after a workout, morning stiffness, abdominal discomfort, hips and knees aches, soothes after a long day on your feet and keeps you warm on cold nights. Heat therapy works well for muscle injury and pain. Heat Therapy increases blood circulation, accelerates the relief of sore and tense muscles, and has the ability to penetrate deeply into the painful and irritated muscles. May also be used as a general heat bag to soothe menstrual cramps, arthritis, and back pain.
Cool therapy best targets headaches, heat flashes, bruises, etc. This Wheatty Bag can freeze in the refrigerator for treatments needing cold therapy to reduce swelling. Cold Therapy provides a chilling refreshment for the body and skin to relieve inflammation of joints or bruised areas, relieve discomfort as a result of burns or irritations, and reduce fever and body heat. Relieve pain due to injured muscles, headaches and Puffy Eyes. Reduce swelling and bruises. Promote muscle relaxation. Chill in the freezer to use as a plush, reusable ice pack to soothe hot flashes or nausea.
Use Wheatty Bag On: Shenaro Lifestyle’s Wheatty Bag can be used on the neck, shoulder, back, arms, legs shoulder, Upper Back or any part of the body.

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We value your business and your trust in our products. Thank you again for considering us, and we hope to serve you in the future

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Due to the nature of our organic products, we do not offer refunds, returns, or exchanges.


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17 reviews for Wheatty Bag from The Wheatty Bag Co. Organic Cotton I Lavender from France

  1. s ss


    That it works

  2. SHENARO Shop


    My mom recently had her arm broken her shoulder was hurting. Her sister recommended this wheat bag. I followed the instructions then put it straight on her out of the microwave. It was way to hot left a red mark we used a towel under it and slowly it become the right temp. It work for her I’ve heard no more complaints of her shoulder since but do protect your skin for where you put the bag if you try it. I only had it resting over my arm and got a red mark.

  3. SHENARO Shop



  4. SHENARO Shop


    Works as expected thank you

  5. SHENARO Shop


    This is a soothing product I used it for a bad shoulder and neck it doesn’t really smell much like lavender though

  6. SHENARO Shop

    Dalbir Singh

    amazing! try it out

  7. SHENARO Shop


    This wheat bag is probably the most useful for shoulder pain as the heat is well spread across the bag and not fallen to both ends.

  8. SHENARO Shop



  9. SHENARO Shop


    Item received. Thank you

  10. SHENARO Shop


    I have various sizes of these and they work well.

  11. SHENARO Shop


    Easy to use keeps hot for a long time.

  12. SHENARO Shop


    Got this for a shoulder injury. Put it in the microwave for 2 minutes and very hot and has helped with pain every time

  13. SHENARO Shop


    Bought this to use in addition to an existing bag & have found it easy to use & great for pain relief. I have a torn meniscus in my knee & my osteopath recommended a heat bag above & below my knee so this is perfect!

  14. s ss


    I bought it and i love it. you buy it.

  15. SHENARO Shop


    “At last a microwaveable heat pad that holds its shape when applied.
    I use it for a knee injury and when applied the contents stay in contact with the entire knee, which is great.
    Others I have had are just filled bags, so when I apply them to my knee the contents just fall to each end, so it just heats the sides of my knee.
    Produces a nice even heat across the applied area.
    Recommend 2 minutes full power heating in the microwave, as stated in the instructions, plenty hot enough.”

  16. SHENARO Shop


    Love the design. It keeps the beads evenly distributed and they stay in place. It’s the perfect size to wrap on yourshoulder. It smells and feels great. It is so relaxing.

  17. s ss


    Works really well

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