“She Believes, She Achieves”

A young and vibrant company that aims to provide good quality products and to epitomize all the fun of shopping with great people, rather than products in a secure, responsive and completely reliable way.

Shenaro | Lifestyle is the ultimate symbol of elegance, excellence and luxury Lifestyle.


2011 Shenaro enters Health Care Sector.  launches 100% organic heat pad for the first time in India.


While the Wheatty Bags resonated well with people’s mindset, we saw a huge demand for ladies’ suits from Lucknow & Pakistan.
Beginning with our first showcase in 2009, we rewrote the rules of modern elegance and imposed style by focusing on products with unique, high-quality craftsmanship; unmistakably local designs that feel at home anywhere in the world.
The idea to enter the luxury lifestyle space was conceived in 2009 and quickly took flight as Shenaro Lifestyle. In 2011, we made our first foray into the world of fashion and lifestyle with luxury.

“The Power of Exhibitions”

“Women, with their intuitive instinct, understand that Shenaro | Lifestyle dreamt not only of making them more beautiful but happier too.”


2015, The Solo Exhibitions touched greater heights when other local Brands also joined the bandwagon.

The success of exhibitions such as Love Being A Woman, Sunshine Girls, Secrets of a Woman, Sunshine Girls, DIVA, Happy Girls are the Prettiest and others fueled our desire.

In the 21st Century, Shenaro | Lifestyle continues to define elegance and style.

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